Thursday, October 14, 2010

Single Player Cheats

Hey guys, I thought I would start off with the campaign cheat codes before I talk about the online game.  If you aren't interested in achievements, I suggest using these codes to help speed up the grind through the campaign.  However, if you want to get achievements for doing the campaign, do not use these.  To use these, at any time during the campaign, whether on the ship before a mission, or during a mission, just hit enter, type in the cheat and hit enter again and it should get you a notification that you successfully entered the cheat, and that you will no longer receive achievements for the campaign.

Starting with the two that I used most to "skim" through the campaign:

God Mode:     terribleterribledamage
Quick Building:         reversingnazaire
5,000 Minerals and Gas:        smoldersbolds
5,000 minerals    :    stroaksmolts
5 Million credits:    whysoserious
+1 weapon, armor, and shield upgrades:        iamironman
Research Points:        wapboinkers
Fast Heal:     fsbcomunicacion
Units do not cost resources:        moredotsmoredots
Disable Fog of War:        sawnoutofmemory
Disable ability cooldown:        hanshotfirst
Disable food and psi requirement:        mintmansoperator
Disable tech requirements:        sosayweall
Disable time of day:        qrotero
Disable defeat conditions:        ypoonsvoicemai
Disable victory conditions:    tyuhasleftthegame
Win current game:        cmethodfeedback
Lose current game:        cadeasygoin
Unknown resources granted:        jaynestown
Unknown resources granted:        dzmhairspring
Mission graph dialog selectable:        lyingpect
Cinematics menu:        eyeofsauron
UNN broadcast menu:        furabranchery
Play the "Terran Up The Night" song:        overengineeredcodpiece

Have fun with the campaign!


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