Thursday, October 14, 2010

Basic Protoss Build Order

Basic Protoss Build Order

Basic start, continuously build probes and use chrono boost whenever its up to speed up the probe building and send out a scouting probe if you want.

After the 9th probe, build a pylon near the entrance of your base so that the power field covers enough to make a barracks and cybernetics core to block most of the entrance.

On the 10th probe, you should make a gateway at the top of the entrance ramp.

After the 13th probe, you should build your cybernetics core next to your gateway to help block most of the ramp off, but NOT all of it.  Leave room to go in and out.  Now create a pylon

Then, as your 14th probe comes out you should create a zealot and chrono boost 2 additional probes or start chrono boosting zealots out if you expect a rush attack.  You also want to build an assimilator around this time and then send 3 probes to harvest from it.  You'll need the gas for stalkers soon.

Once the 16th probe is done, build more zealots and pylons. 

After the18th probe, create another assimilator and start building more gateways as soon as possible.

This is when you need to start adjusting to the current game.  Most likely, you'll want to start building a balanced army with about a 3/3/1 ratio of zealots/stalkers/sentries.  If you dont feel comfortable using the sentries' abilities, dont waste money on them.

After this, you can either build into void rays, go into the mech path with a robotics facility, or mass gateway units.  Either way you go, you should be constantly chrono boosting probes out in the begining and get atleast one observer out to scout around.

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