Thursday, October 14, 2010

Basic Zerg Build Order

Basic Zerg Build Order

As usual, constantly build drones and send one out to scout if you want.

After your 10th drone, you'll want to make an overlord and then start up an extrator and put a maximum of 3 drones into it.

On the 14th drone, you should create a spawning pool for zerglings and a queen.

After another drone, you can either start some zerglings to get in some quick combat, or move out for a fast expansion and build another hatchery.

At 18th drone, make another overlord and a queen for each hatchery.  If you think the other player will attack at any time soon, you'll want to build atleast two spine crawlers to help defend.

After your 20th drone, you'll want to get another extactor and a roch warren

Now you should should have a solid economy and army.  You can go many many many directions from here.  A basic build would be roaches and hydralisks.  Zerglings will always be good in almost every build you go though.  Make sure to upgrade the movement speed of zerglings if you plan to use them.

Basic Protoss Build Order

Basic Protoss Build Order

Basic start, continuously build probes and use chrono boost whenever its up to speed up the probe building and send out a scouting probe if you want.

After the 9th probe, build a pylon near the entrance of your base so that the power field covers enough to make a barracks and cybernetics core to block most of the entrance.

On the 10th probe, you should make a gateway at the top of the entrance ramp.

After the 13th probe, you should build your cybernetics core next to your gateway to help block most of the ramp off, but NOT all of it.  Leave room to go in and out.  Now create a pylon

Then, as your 14th probe comes out you should create a zealot and chrono boost 2 additional probes or start chrono boosting zealots out if you expect a rush attack.  You also want to build an assimilator around this time and then send 3 probes to harvest from it.  You'll need the gas for stalkers soon.

Once the 16th probe is done, build more zealots and pylons. 

After the18th probe, create another assimilator and start building more gateways as soon as possible.

This is when you need to start adjusting to the current game.  Most likely, you'll want to start building a balanced army with about a 3/3/1 ratio of zealots/stalkers/sentries.  If you dont feel comfortable using the sentries' abilities, dont waste money on them.

After this, you can either build into void rays, go into the mech path with a robotics facility, or mass gateway units.  Either way you go, you should be constantly chrono boosting probes out in the begining and get atleast one observer out to scout around.

Basic Terran Build Order

Terran Basic Build Order

Start off building SCVs constantly as usual.

After the 9th SCV, make a supply depot at the entrance to your base, then make a barracks to help make the wall.  As soon as you can, start cranking out marines constantly to defend against early rushes. 

I personally like to send out a scouting SCV to check out the other player(s) base(s) and see how they are starting, but if you dont thats fine.

After the 13th SCV, either make another supply depot to finish the wall, or another barracks or bunker, depending on the map and your preference.

After the 14th SCV, make a refinery and put a total of 3 SCVs into (the one you create the refinery with will automatically start harvesting in it)

On the 15th SCV, I like to convert my command center to an orbital command.  This will get early scans to check for any weird builds the player is making, then boosting your economy with mules.

At the 19th SCV, make your 2nd refinery and put a total of 3 SCVs in it.

Now you can either start building more barracks and go marine/marauder and do an early push, or go for marine/marauder/medivac and a mix of siege tanks if you aren't able to end the game early.

From then on, you have to improvise according to the game.  However, you need to be creating SCVs constantly untill your main base is saturated with them.

Single Player Cheats

Hey guys, I thought I would start off with the campaign cheat codes before I talk about the online game.  If you aren't interested in achievements, I suggest using these codes to help speed up the grind through the campaign.  However, if you want to get achievements for doing the campaign, do not use these.  To use these, at any time during the campaign, whether on the ship before a mission, or during a mission, just hit enter, type in the cheat and hit enter again and it should get you a notification that you successfully entered the cheat, and that you will no longer receive achievements for the campaign.

Starting with the two that I used most to "skim" through the campaign:

God Mode:     terribleterribledamage
Quick Building:         reversingnazaire
5,000 Minerals and Gas:        smoldersbolds
5,000 minerals    :    stroaksmolts
5 Million credits:    whysoserious
+1 weapon, armor, and shield upgrades:        iamironman
Research Points:        wapboinkers
Fast Heal:     fsbcomunicacion
Units do not cost resources:        moredotsmoredots
Disable Fog of War:        sawnoutofmemory
Disable ability cooldown:        hanshotfirst
Disable food and psi requirement:        mintmansoperator
Disable tech requirements:        sosayweall
Disable time of day:        qrotero
Disable defeat conditions:        ypoonsvoicemai
Disable victory conditions:    tyuhasleftthegame
Win current game:        cmethodfeedback
Lose current game:        cadeasygoin
Unknown resources granted:        jaynestown
Unknown resources granted:        dzmhairspring
Mission graph dialog selectable:        lyingpect
Cinematics menu:        eyeofsauron
UNN broadcast menu:        furabranchery
Play the "Terran Up The Night" song:        overengineeredcodpiece

Have fun with the campaign!

Hey guys, my friends have been pushing me to blog about Starcraft for awhile now.  I play Starcraft2 quite a bit and I've got a lot of knowledge to share.  I think you'll find my blog interesting whether you're a beginner or top end player.  I'll be posting general strategies and build orders to follow, as well as more advanced techniques and tips for high end players.  Feel free to leave comments and let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see here.