Thursday, October 14, 2010

Basic Terran Build Order

Terran Basic Build Order

Start off building SCVs constantly as usual.

After the 9th SCV, make a supply depot at the entrance to your base, then make a barracks to help make the wall.  As soon as you can, start cranking out marines constantly to defend against early rushes. 

I personally like to send out a scouting SCV to check out the other player(s) base(s) and see how they are starting, but if you dont thats fine.

After the 13th SCV, either make another supply depot to finish the wall, or another barracks or bunker, depending on the map and your preference.

After the 14th SCV, make a refinery and put a total of 3 SCVs into (the one you create the refinery with will automatically start harvesting in it)

On the 15th SCV, I like to convert my command center to an orbital command.  This will get early scans to check for any weird builds the player is making, then boosting your economy with mules.

At the 19th SCV, make your 2nd refinery and put a total of 3 SCVs in it.

Now you can either start building more barracks and go marine/marauder and do an early push, or go for marine/marauder/medivac and a mix of siege tanks if you aren't able to end the game early.

From then on, you have to improvise according to the game.  However, you need to be creating SCVs constantly untill your main base is saturated with them.

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